Well, this blog is basically about me, and my life of rockets. (obviously!) There will be links to security trusted sites related to Aerospace. This blog it targeted toward kids who need some research or just want to be astronauts.

All of my rocket-related stuff started when I was pretty much born. I drew rockets in Kindergarten. I read every book there was about astronomy. By the time I was done, I knew about as much astronomy as a college student knew when I was in 2nd grade. At 5th grade, my parents gave me a model rocket kit for Christmas. While my brother was here he taught me all I needed to know on how to make it. I started finding some of his rockets and shot them off. I broke some of them and repaired them. I bought all of the rockets my hobby store supplied, and I wanted more of a challenge. I watcher October Sky and saw that they made their rockets from pieces of steel. I made my homemade rockets out of note cards. My rocket did very well, especially when it was my first scratch rocket. I  then started to read the actual book October Sky by the Homer Hickam. I think it’s a wonderful book for everybody. That is my life with rockets.

More on my bio, go to: rocketman2014.wordpress.com


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